The Blue Exorcast is a podcast that fandubs and reviews the manga, and brings any news about the Blue Exorcist Manga/Anime to our fans. 


This derptacular podcast started when one of the crew members of the Naruto Podcast “Konoha Corner” decided to make her own podcast. Known as Sasori on Konoha Corner, she decided to go and visit her podcast buddies Naruto, Jiraiya, and chouji. They had lots of awesome adventures for 2 weeks, and one of them was the discovery of Blue Exorcist! Shortly after that Naruto & Saso went to a magical land called Anime Expo filled will flashy lights and otaku’s everywhere.  There they discovered that Blue Exorcist was being HUGELY publicized in the U.S. so they got to thinking of creating the podcast! And so Saso became Amaimon, Naruto became Shiemi, Jiraiya became Father Fujimoto, Chouji became Bon, & Shiemi’s good friend Kakashi became Rin. The first episode of the podcast was filled with laughs and derpyness, oh and a thing known as Grell/Orochimaru became Mephisto(creepy love child of the two lol). Then came the 2nd episode and the British Sai from KC decided to join us, bringing his insanity and pervyness. Soon episode 3 made it’s way to the download bin and a Yukio joined us, but was soon kicked out a window due to his rudeness. In that same time a wild Kuro appeared and made all of the crew members go insane. 😀 Later on episode 4 Izumo decided to join the family, boy was she soon regretting it when Kuro once again joined us for another round of Kuro’s Tail’s. Episode 5 was lost at sea and never found again so the crew decided to seek their fortune with episode 6 where Father Fujimoto decided to join us for an episode and bring all of the crew’s insanity back, oh and apparently Shiemi managed to hurt her wallet by coughing.

More adventures/tales to come when episode 7 comes out!


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