Cons & Events

Anime Los Angeles –

About ALA:  “We host member-volunteer run events for the education and appreciation of anime, manga and related subjects.” Held on January 6-8th, 2012

The Blue Exorcist Podcast will be holding a Panel on Saturday at 12:30pm-2pm and a Blue Exorcist Gathering at 3pm. At this panel we will be sharing a brief part of our podcast episodes and displaying our short animation opening. After that we will take Q&A, any and all questions are welcome as long as they are related to Blue Exorcist. We will be giving away small prizes for those who cosplay from Blue Exorcist at our panel, also we will be holding two small games. The 1st is a trivia game of both the manga and anime. The 2nd game will be a surprise. Everyone who participates in the games will receive a small prize, and the winners will be given rare Blue Exorcist Merchandise.

 Anime Conji-

About Anime Conji: “Anime Conji is run by a group of local San Diego fans who have a passion for anime culture and volunteer their time, energy, and effort toward putting together a great and unique convention. We have an interest in providing entertainment for like-minded individuals, and who better to bring the fun than the fans themselves? Our goal is to promote fandom culture as a whole and to foster the subculture of the anime fandom in San Diego and beyond. The convention serves as a place to celebrate, share, and appreciate Japanese animation, manga, music, and its associated cultures.”

We’ve been approved to have a panel and to be press for Anime Conji! We will be covering many events that will be going at Anime Conji, like the Fanvibe Podcast panel, the Resident Evil Panel and so much more!


 About MTAC: “Curious what this thing is? Want to find out what “MTAC” stands for? This is the place for       you.” Held on April 6th-8th, 2012

We’ve submitted our panel application and it wont be confirmed for awhile but we will be attending MTAC and will hopefully helping out with the MTAC Blue Exorcist Gathering.

Anime Expo

About AX: “Held annually in Los Angeles, Anime Expo is North America’s largest anime and manga celebration. Anime Expo gives fans the rare opportunity to meet and hear from some of the most famous anime, manga and musical artists from Japan and get into the action through everything from costume play, karaoke and video competitions to exclusive screenings, non-stop video gaming competitions and the wildly popular Masquerade, in which fans transform themselves into their favorite characters through creative costuming, accessories and make-up and put on their own show before an audience of thousands. AX 2012 will be held June 29 – July 2, 2012 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.”

We will be submitting a panel application when we will be able too, but we will only be able to get a panel if we are able to gain more publicity.


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