38 comments on “Blue Exorcist Season 2? And Blue Exorcist Movie gets the boot.

      • Well, that’s not entirely true. They could make a second season with the 12 kings. Especially since Satin failed. He could seen 12 kings to retrieve his sons.

    • YES YES YES!

      Look they say they can’t because the author doesnt feel like it he is being lazy – trust?

      We only saw one of the king’s AND HE IS NOT DEAD!

      Who was the director – he called “satan” his father and the twins ” brothers” what are you saying they cant keep going!

      All the kings get defeated… satan defeated… man if u ask me you can make 12 episodes PER KING defeated… than another 25 to defeat satan with side stories just like one piece ( not off chart but like event going on in school him learning things ) idk !! so much to go off!

      If they want … another easly 200 episodes just with Good content pack stuff! and of course at the end of the story Satan dies one of the twins go to the spirit world and governs it and both worlds are at peace the end idk !! but they can easly keep going !!! its a really well tought out story plot…

      • If anything, they can use lame filler episodes to reveal small pieces of the story in between major arcs.

  1. Well they can easily create more episodes because of the reason that they haven’t even put in all content from the manga, and if I remember the main goal of the series was explained in episode 2 which was to, and I simplify, to basically kill satan which I believe he did not do. Basically a season 2 would be a great idea because the series still leaves many confused and a movie may have been released, but it still leaves many things unanswered. Plus many other things also were mentioned in the anime I believed that were not viewed.

  2. yes it can go one from where the 1st season left of because satan is still at large so that leaves rins plains for killing satan still there ,also, the series ended with yukio and rin visiting their mothers grave and rin still has to become the plainding and it also can start and follow the manga because the anime only followed the manga to a certain point and then became it’s own story and it is a battle showing so it can be like bleach or naruto and last like 300 episodes well hope fully if it does last that long it doesn’t jump the shark or get boring cough …. cough … Naruto

    • thats right , i dont know what there on about saying that they cant continue it , satan never died , so he could arise again and then they finally kill him

    • Well, don’t you think 300 episodes is a little too many? Maybe they could just do 2 seasons, just so it won’t turn into something like Bleach or Naruto.

  3. they could have satan being taken over and the 12 kings positions being taken away and 12 new kings be added and they try and destroy the last 12 kings along with the human world…just a sugestion no hating please

  4. Really because it seems to me the 12 kings would be the logical direction what with the head master being a demon with his own plan

    • And didn’t Mephisto make a deal with Fujimoto that if the boys awoke their demon powers, he got to kill them? Make Mephisto the antagonist- ANYTHING- just keep it going!!!! D”:

  5. couldn’t they do the same thing that Hunter x Hunter did where the snd season was OVA but the 3rd wasnt an OVA but still kept the OVA and the first season?

    sorry i just really liked this anime and hope to god a snd seaspm comes

  6. I think they left a perfectly good opening for a season 2, and if they do make a game out of it I hope its like an RPG or something similar to Deus Ex.

  7. I’m thinking about writing a fan-fic for Blue exorcist with this plot:


    After Rin and Yukio save Assiah from becoming the new home of Demons and Humans, things had supposedly went back to normal. School continued, and everyone was happy again. Until Yukio gets a call that something had appeared out of no where and fell from the sky, landing next to True Cross Academy. Students were evacuated from classrooms near the landing sight of the said demon and everyone is worried Satan is planning another attack. What they don’t know is that the ‘demon’ that fell from the sky is from Hoennta, the world of angels and god. What caused the person to fall, and what is their purpose here in Assiah?


    Since in the Anime and Manga, were only told of:

    World of Demons – Gehenna
    World of Humans – Assiah
    World of Angels – ???

    Just a thought~

    No hate plz.

  8. I don’t really care where they go with it. I just finished watching it for the first time (took 3 days) but I just want to see more of the characters

  9. This anime was awesome. It’s in my top 3, along with Naruto and Sword Art Online. I’m honestly hoping for a 2nd season, or a reboot following the manga. On a completely unrelated side note, season two of Sword art Online has been confirmed. Let’s hope we’re all lucky. 🙂

  10. They could start the new season exactly where the last one ended then make a romance between shiemi and Rin (I mean was I the only one to want this?!?) then Rin becomes paladin and him and Bon defeat satan together:D

  11. I think that the second season won’t be coming out for quite some time… If they’re to make an OVA like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, then they would be having to follow the manga. I don’t think that there’s enough manga for the anime to follow, so they’re going to have to wait quite some time. Even when the OVA of FMA was released, the manga was coming close to an end, it would be quite some time before the Ao no Exorcist reaches its end (in my opinion).

  12. but there’s some one in the anime that we barely even know at all , and that’s what i tempting to know

  13. They do really need to for fill the wishes of Rin, I think adding the battle between father and son would be awesome. And not only that but they have other great reasons to make another season. They can focus it more on the idea that Rin IS a demon living in the human world and how that affects his life. Or what about if please no hate I suck at ideas -,- Rin met a person that was just like him but the daughter of like god or something like that…. And having a strong female lead would be awesome because the girls they have now are really shading toward the damsel in distress. Which I personally cant stand, but I do like all the characters. And not put a cliché like Romeo and Juliet because they would never be in love just friends. Or they could even add something were Rin meets his dad but when he dose he doesn’t fight him instead Satan try’s to persuade him into becoming more like him. I don’t even really care what its like I’m goanna like it either way no I’m goanna love it if they make a season 2.

  14. I don’t think Satan actually died (I mean….the King of the UNDERWORLD DIED?!) and the 12 Kings would be the best way to go. And maybe adding in what Mephisto is planning (o.0)..and a little (just a little) more on the romance side. I watched the movie (…too cute) and it was just as good as the series itself!! Maybe they could just find more “ancient stories” to the series (like The World God Only Knows).

  15. Since they can’t make anymore episodes because it may not match up with the manga. Why don’t they do what they did with Fullmetal Alchemist & Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood?

    • Because then, it wouldn’t be cool at all! Blue Exorcist: Demons, I mean, it isn’t going to be authentic anymore! It would be a disgrace to the name Kazue Kato if it turns out like that! If it turns out like that, then everyone will get sick of it at some point. No offense.

  16. My friend told me that he heard there’s a season 2 releasing in feb next year I don’t know if its true tho

  17. They should use the 12 kings idea and bring angels into the story (like how satan going to take over the world and god does nothing about it) perhaps a daughter of god sent to make sure that doesnt happen again and to make sure rin or his bro doesnt go evil.


  19. Honestly I’m glad everyone is throwing their opinions out there. We love to hear back from the fans of the series. 😀 Just remember to be nice of other people’s opinions.

    On a side note I feel that the Manga makes the characters more dynamic, and as for how slow they release the manga that is because Kazue takes her time in the sheer amount of detail that is put into the artwork and story line.

  20. Some of you are saying that It can’t really go on as Satan can’t die, but what if they do something that binds him to his realm so not even his spirit can cross. Or something like they make Satan understand that the way he is trying to combine the worlds is not the way that their mother wanted. I can think of a few other endings that would leave me at ease.

  21. the anime would be cool if it did continue with the 12 kings and in my opinion it would be cool if satin tried to kill his own sons for betraying him and their mother dream and god would not do anything since they demonic but in all the chaos a rouge angel would appear and help the boys fight satin and in the end the anime would end with an all out demons vs angels fight……ii know it does not follow the manga but it i think it would be cool sorta like my own fan fiction

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